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Wrap up day is one week away and we look forward to hosting all our younger divisions at Fairfield Island Park. Players will come and enjoy some fun with their teams and will receive team photo’s, metals and a hot dog. In order to get your team photo’s uniforms will have to be handed in so please note your divisions schedule for the day. If you have further questions please contact your teams coach.

Blast ball 9am – 10am on Diamond B – no uniform hand in

Rally Cap 10am – 11am on Diamond B – no uniform hand in

Jr tadpole – will be broken into 2 groups:
Teams # 1-6 – 9:30 am – 10:30 – Diamond C
Teams # 7-12 11am – 12pm – Diamond C
Please have players pants and belts( if you received one) CLEAN and ready for hand in during their skills stations. Players should wear their keep t-shirts on the day to help keep team together. We will have 1 station designated for pants to be handed in and you will then receive your deposit cheque and team photo’s and metal.

Sr Tadpole 11:30 – 12:30 – Diamond B
Please have players uniforms CLEAN and ready for hand in at their skills competition. We will have a station set up at your field while players are performing their skills. Players need to return their pants and belt in order to get their deposit cheque back and their team photo’s. Your t-shirts are keep shirts and should be worn on the day to help keep teams separate during the skills.

Mosquito Finals 9am – 11:30am (top 2 teams after playoffs are complete) – Diamond A
Mosquito skills competition for ALL TEAMS 12pm – 1pm – Diamond A

Uniform return schedule for the mosquito division after the skills competition at the uniform shed:

1:15 – Team #1 Pirates and Team #2 Twins
1:25 – Team # 3 Cubs and Team #4 Giants
1:35 – Team #5 Rangers and Team #6 Red Sox
1:45 – Team #7 Mariners and Team #8 Tigers
1:55 – Team #9 Royals

Please remember to bring back player pants and Jersey CLEAN and belt. Once your uniform is returned players will receive their team photo and uniform deposit cheque. If you can not make your uniform hand in time please leave your CLEAN uniform with a team mate and they can retrieve your items for you. If you have any questions about uniform hand in please contact our uniform director Loreal Hall


2017-06-17T11:16:40-07:00June 17 2017, at 11:16 AM PDT, Maxim Buckland said:

I am currently out of town, where and when can I return the pants? Thank you Dana