Uniform Pickup Schedule for Saturday March 10

Posted by Chilliwack Minor Baseball on Mar 08 2018 at 07:53PM PST

Below is the Schedule for Uniform Pickup on Saturday March 10. This is for house divisions ONLY not Spring REP TEAMS. Blast ball and Rally Cap will receive their uniforms after spring break at their first practice.

Please Read the following instructions for the day:

Uniform Pickup will be held at Fairfield Park in the Safety Village area.

Step 1. On arrival you will need to get your raffle tickets or pay your opt out fee (everyone had a choice at registration which one they were choosing) You will need to do this before proceeding to your uniform time slot.

Step 2. You will need to gather with your team and arrange your players by size in order to hand out uniforms properly once inside your area. Everyone must have a $100 uniform deposit or you will be unable to receive your uniform. These are to be post dated to June 23 and will be returned to you on that date when you return your uniform. If you do not have cheques you can use cash. It is best to arrive 10-15 minutes before your time to ensure your team is ready to go and we keep the day on schedule.

Step 3. Once you have received your uniform please feel free to browse through our garage sale where items like used pants for practice, extra belts and socks will be available to purchase at a discounted price. We will also have a bbq set up cooking hot dogs for lunch if you would like to purchase your first hot dog of the ball season. Hot dog, chips, juice combo will be $5 or just a hot dog for $3. Cash only will be accepted at these 2 stations.

Step 4. If you are unable to make the day it is a great idea if you can find a friend or family member to get your stuff for you. You will need to still send the $100 deposit and have them pick up your raffle tickets. It is also a great idea to send a sample pair of pants and shirt so we can size them properly

If you have not heard from your coach and don’t know your team numbers please contact your division coordinator which is listed under our executive on our website. I do not have any individual team information as I was not involved in forming the teams. I am happy to answer any questions regarding uniforms at

9 am Sr tadpole 1 – Jon Kalnow 9am Mosquito 6 – Keith Corbett
9:20 Sr tadpole 2 – James Braaten 9:20 Mosquito 2 – Craig Fairborn
9:40 Sr tadpole 3 – Martin Champagne 9:40 Mosquito 3 – Rob Hornsby
10:00 Sr tadpole 4 – Keven Penner 10:00 Mosquito 4 – Al Robinson
10:20 Sr tadpole 5 – Cal Jeske 10:20 Mosquito 1 – Jeremy Giesbrecht
10:40 Sr tadpole 6 – Jeremy Hall 10:40 Mosquito 5 – Terry Skipper
11:00 Jr tadpole 10 – Millington/VanStaduinen 11:00 Mosquito 7 – Darcy Loewen
11:20 Jr tadpole 1 – Kemp 11:20 Mosquito 8 – Trent Gofers
11:40 Jr tadpole 2 – Welsh 11:40 Mosquito 9 – Mike Campbell
12:00 Jr tadpole 3 – Bullock/Gillespie 12:00 PeeWee 1 – Barry Douglas
12:20 Jr tadpole 4 – Krahn 12:20 PeeWee 2 – Sean O’Brien
12:40 Jr tadpole 5 – Humphries 12:40 PeeWee 3 – Brad Burritt
1:00 Jr tadpole 6 – Greendale families 1:00 PeeWee 4 – Spencer Janzen
1:20 Jr tadpole 7 – Unity families 1:20 PeeWee 5 – Mike Neudorf
1:40 Jr tadpole 8 – Penner 1:40 Bantam 1 – Martin Goudreault
2:00 Jr tadpole 9 – Dibski 2:00 Bantam 2 – Sean Johnston
2:20 Jr tadpole 11 – Sardis 2, Rory Webb 2:20 Midget 1 – Renee Woods
2:40 Jr tadpole 12 – Rosedale, Rick Owens

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2018-03-08T20:30:31.000-08:00March 08 2018, at 08:30 PM PST, Sean OBrien said:

Understanding it’s early in the process do you have any dates for alternate pick up times?

2018-03-08T21:54:07.000-08:00March 08 2018, at 09:54 PM PST, Loreal Hall said:

Nothing is set up at this time. Likely it won’t be till after spring break

2018-03-08T22:08:43.000-08:00March 08 2018, at 10:08 PM PST, Sean OBrien said:

Thank you